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Get Unstructured File Data Ready for AI

Streamline your AI journey with Nasuni's comprehensive approach. Explore Nasuni's ‘Fit for AI’ framework designed to transform unstructured file data chaos into consolidated assets, providing organizations with a comprehensive solution to unlock the true potential of their data.

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Key Benefits

AI has revolutionized the meaning of data: it has gone from a cost needed to be managed, to an asset that can be harnessed. The Nasuni 'Fit for AI' framework will help transform your file data from unstructured chaos into consolidated order.

Unify Data

Consolidate unstructured file data into a single source of truth for joined-up AI insights

Reduce Security Risk

Protect data with a scalable, secure and auditable solution

Understand Data

Gain visibility and organize data landscape for AI innovation

Nasuni's ‘Fit for AI’ Framework

The fragmented landscape of scattered and opaque data silos hinders insights, making the ‘Fit for AI’ framework crucial for converting file data fragmentation into consolidated intelligent assets that fuel enterprise growth. Discover how Nasuni assesses, consolidates, secures, curates, and facilitates streamlined AI workflows to address the challenges of scattered data silos.

Transforming Data Chaos into AI Order

This paper presents a framework for assessing data strategy, stresses the importance of staying updated on regulations, and offers key evaluation criteria for AI solutions in businesses.


Navigate AI Concerns & Challenges with a Robust Data Strategy

Challenges emerge, from grappling with unstructured data sets and ensuring data quality to navigating security and privacy concerns. A data strategy is essential for successful AI implementation, and Nasuni offers a 'Fit for AI' framework to guide customers through this process. Explore some common use cases for AI in enterprises, including AI search, generative AI, and model training.

Envision Tomorrow with Data Intelligence and AI

Nasuni’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Liddle and Nasuni Chief Product Officer, Russ Kennedy discuss the steps businesses can take to be AI ready and the importance of consolidating data in a centralized location as step one for your future data intelligence strategies.


Where Will AI and Data Intelligence Need to be to be Meaningful to You?

Hear from Nasuni customers and our chief innovation officer as they talk about data intelligence and AI. Where do they see potential, limitations, pitfalls, and expected future growth with leveraging the power of these new technology advancements?

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Get Your Nasuni 'Fit for AI' White Paper

Download the Nasuni framework and learn how Nasuni can help evaluate your unstructured data landscape and help you get ready for AI initiatives.

Nasuni WP AI-Ready Cover

Creating a Custom Microsoft Copilot Using Copilot Studio to Work With Nasuni Data

The technical white paper introduces Microsoft Copilot Studio and outlines some use cases and steps to create a custom Copilot with Nasuni data using Copilot Studio.

Nasuni Microsoft Copilot Video Tutorial

The video tutorials showcase steps to create custom Copilots with Microsoft's no-code solution allowing users to interact with documents and set up topics and plugins to integrate with other systems.


Creating custom Copilot - 1

Creating custom Copilot - 2

Custom Copilots with Copilot Pro

Maximizing AI: Explore Microsoft's AI Studio and Copilot Capabilities

Discover how to leverage Microsoft's AI ecosystem to boost productivity in your organization.