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Amazon WorkSpaces, a desktop-as-a-service or cloud VDI solution, overcomes the two biggest challenges with on-premises VDI — cost and complexity for IT and latency for end-users. Cost and complexity are reduced because you no longer have to worry about the infrastructure. Windows or Linux desktops are provisioned on-demand in the cloud and managed through SLAs.

But what about the file storage behind the virtual desktops? The benefits of cloud VDI are clear: greater access, tighter security, lower costs, more agility, and a simpler IT environment. However, without modernizing the file storage along with cloud VDI, these benefits can be lost because of the poor user experience working with files. If users don’t get the fast file access they’re used to, VDI adoption will stall.

That’s where Nasuni comes in. Nasuni cloud file storage keeps files close to the virtual desktops no matter how many VDI regions you deploy. In the same way that deploying multiple VDI sites mitigates the impact of network latency on virtual desktop performance, Nasuni’s edge caching and multi-site file synchronization mitigate the impact of network latency on file storage performance. Every user at each WorkSpaces region will enjoy fast access to shared files.

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