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Bringing Order to the File Management Chaos Plaguing AEC Firms

How a Cloud-Based Solution Helps Architecture,
Engineering and Construction Firms Boost Performance and Cut Costs


AEC firms have expanded their operations dramatically over the past few decades. And as design and engineering technology has advanced, these firms are working with ever-larger and more sophisticated file types to perform their day to day work when working locally and remotely. But for many, their legacy information systems are gasping for breath, trying to keep pace with these changes.

Too often, highly skilled (and highly paid) architects and engineers working remotely are playing a waiting game at work – sitting idly for hours as their creaky on-prem infrastructure gradually grinds through their file-transfer requests. But speed isn’t the only problem. The client-server systems
are vulnerable to crashes and don’t fully recover lost data. Multiple copies of a file reside in different locations, so users don’t know if they have the latest version. Scaling requires adding more and more hardware. Maintenance is a costly headache.

This white paper details how all of these issues can be solved by moving from on-premise file services to cloud file services.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • The best path for AEC firms to migrate to the cloud - and a five phase approach to get there
  • How with a single, global, cloud-based file system, files of any size can be easily shared with everyone in an organization
  • How a cloud-based system that’s augmented with edge appliances and consolidated controls creates huge payoffs for AEC firms

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File Systems are the time-proven way to store, organize, protect, and share unstructured file data. Unfortunately, traditional file systems can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth of content.

Nasuni UniFS® is the first global file system that lives in cloud object storage.

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