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Cloud Economics in a Time of Crisis





John_Capello_200x200John Capello

Vice President of Product Strategy


David_campbell_circle_200x200David Campbell
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs



David_Totten_circle_200x200David Totten
Chief Technology Officer US Partner Ecosystem


KIrshel_Crawley_200x200Krischel Crawley
Vice President Sales - West



Moving to a cloud strategy is the most effective way to break free of outdated IT practices and the financial constraints they put on a business, particularly during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, building a business justification for the cloud is not always as straightforward as it seems, often relying on false apples-to-oranges comparisons. What is often missed is that cloud solutions replace many existing hardware, equipment, and physical space expenses, and reduce “soft costs” with intangible benefits for employees and IT. Cloud initiatives can also harbor new, hidden costs on their own.

In this panel, leading industry experts with extensive cloud expertise will walk you through:
  • How to ensure your TCO and ROI models are built correctly and make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison
  • Uncovering and exploring your existing hard and soft costs that will be impacted by moving to the cloud
  • Understanding the financial impact of moving from a CapEx to a subscription based OpEx model

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