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The Leading Hybrid Cloud Storage System

With the Nasuni File Data Platform, your organization’s files are accessible from anywhere and protected against anything.

What can Nasuni do for you?

The Nasuni File Data Platform provides organizations with a hybrid cloud storage solution that goes far beyond what traditional infrastructure or other cloud providers can do. The Nasuni platform frees you from traditional NAS limitations, allowing your business to scale with the enterprise cloud storage you need, dramatically reduce risk, and lower operating expenses.

Data Recovery and Ransomware Mitigation

The Nasuni File Data Platform offers the protection, detection, and recovery of file shares from ransomware attacks or random disasters within minutes. Always-on file protection in the cloud, real-time detection of ransomware attacks at the edge, and the ability to recover millions of files across all your locations in minutes – all mean that your users can return to productivity without costly delays.

Hybrid Work

The world of work has changed forever as hybrid and remote models are here to stay. Your file infrastructure needs to help users remain as productive as possible no matter their location. With the Nasuni Access Anywhere add-on service, you can provide a secure, high-performance business file sharing solution that meets the needs of your distributed workers.

File Backup & Recovery

Have you ever met someone that enjoys backing up data? Neither have we which is why our customers love that backup and recovery is ‘built-in’ with a cloud file data model. No more buying and managing dedicated hardware and software for backup. With Nasuni, not only are your files continuously backed up automatically at much more frequent intervals than traditional backup, but restoring files is fast and simple. Best of all, Nasuni scales infinitely to keep up with growth in your unstructured data files, so you never get caught without backup.

Store and Share Unstructured File Data with Simplicity, Speed, and Savings.

Nasuni is disrupting the file storage market with a cloud-based approach that replaces traditional on premises primary and secondary file storage. Nasuni delivers cloud file data services that leverage object storage delivering a simpler, lower cost, and more efficient SaaS solution that scales easily to handle rapid unstructured data growth.


Simplify File Storage.

Nasuni provides cloud file data services for an unlimited number of sites from a single console, with capacity on-demand where and when it’s needed and includes built-in backup and disaster recovery. With a design that accommodates cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments, Nasuni replaces multiple data silos and toolsets with a single global file system that offers a 360-degree view of your file data, and a single platform that is easy to deploy and manage.

Scale without Limits.

Nasuni’s unique features are built on a cloud services platform backed by the largest, most available and secure object storage.  You no longer have to worry about running out of capacity, backup capability, or reaching the limits of file sharing across the globe. You get the benefit of being able to store and access unlimited files across any number of locations, without cloud latency or high data egress fees.



By eliminating the on-premises infrastructure required for legacy file servers, NAS, backup, and disaster recovery, Nasuni provides 40-60% savings over traditional architectures. And by fully leveraging cost-effective cloud object storage instead of just tiering to the cloud, Nasuni costs significantly less than other cloud file data services, too. Hundreds of enterprises rely on Nasuni to consolidate data silos and provide the flexibility needed to adapt to a changing business climate.

  • Reduce Risk

  • Global Collaboration

  • Ease of Migration

Reduce Downtime & Ransomware Risk

By providing predictable RTO’s and RPO’s, Nasuni lets you recover from ransomware attacks quickly. Files can be restored to within minutes of when an attack occurred.

Unlock Global Collaboration

As a single platform providing file availability to every location, Nasuni is ideally suited for the PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE design and production data, and IoT workflows.

Simple to Implement. Easy to Deploy.

Migrating to the cloud can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Moving your files to the cloud with Nasuni is simple. Don’t just take it from us. Read what real Nasuni users have to say about Nasuni's ease of file migration.

“We needed a drastically different approach to storage. We tested all the solutions on the market. Nasuni was the only one that offered a pure service solution without a major capital investment.”

“Nasuni was a true lifesaver when we were hit by ransomware. After containing the attack and figuring out what was impacted, we were able to restore all file data and our operations hardly missed a beat.”


Unlock your cloud file data.

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