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Your Personalized Cost Savings

When your legacy file infrastructure is barely keeping up with your organization’s information-sharing needs, you know it’s time for a change. You’re clear on the numerous benefits of switching to a cloud-based alternative—eliminating NAS and file server silos, enhancing cross-office file sharing, improving data protection, and eliminating capacity limitations, to name a few—but what about cost benefits?
The good news is switching from a legacy, on-premises file infrastructure to cloud-based file storage is likely to be a significant source of cost savings, too, once you consider everything that goes into maintaining what you have today. This white paper provides a straightforward way of objectively comparing the hard and soft costs you’re currently incurring against those you’d incur with a cloud-base file storage approach using Nasuni and public cloud providers.
If it’s your job to convince internal stakeholders of the benefits of modernization through a switch to cloud-based file storage, this white paper will help you make that case.
So be prepared for a shock: You might find you’re spending hundreds of thousands or even millions more on your legacy system than you would running a modern, cloud-based file storage solution!

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