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Tom Rose

VP, Technical Marketing

John Webster

Senior Partner
Evaluator Group

In this two-part webinar series, Evaluator Group explores issues impacting VDI deployments by today’s enterprise data centers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perceptions gained from a research study done to understand how IT professionals are coping with stay-at-home work orders show that they apply renewed focus on data protection and security. Beyond those issues however, they are looking to see how their present adaptations will become more permanent.

Part 1: Increasing VDI Data Protection During a Crisis (10 minutes)
IT operations staff are ramping-up their data protection processes and procedures. Why? Because for many business users, VDI from a home office is a new experience. Consequently, mistakes will be made including ones that could result in unintended data loss.  And security is always a critical concern with VDI, particularly in the public cloud. Evaluator Groups invites a senior member of Nasuni’s executive team to briefly explore heightened data protection and security concerns when deploying VDI for a stay-at-home workforce.

Part 2: The Future of IT Departments and Creating Collaborative Environments (12 mins)
The second webinar in this series is more forward looking. Here, Nasuni joins Evaluator Group to explore what has changed permanently with regard to the continued and how expanded use of VDI. Evaluator Group's COVID-19 response study highlights the need expressed by enterprise IT executives to provide the kind of collaborative environment their business users are used to having in an office setting. The Pandemic also underlined the need for business continuance strategies that really work and can be continuously tested. View this video for a quick look into the future of VDI. 

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