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Both Nasuni and Microsoft are experts at cloud migration, managing and scaling file data, and protecting your business from ransomware attacks. During this webinar, both Microsoft & Nasuni will be discussing the current cyber and storage trends we are seeing and how to address them.

Firstly, how do we “do more with less”? How do we optimize our current toolsets to scale back on cost whilst creating space for the insurmountable amounts of file data we need to store, archive, transfer, edit, protect, and use on a daily basis?

How can we recover lost data in the event of a ransomware attack? And how can we harness our Microsoft and cloud workloads to allow our staff to access any file from anywhere? Why do we encourage clients to move from NAS and legacy infrastructure and how do we help you to make the jump?

We will be discussing all of this and more on the day and will be opening the forum up to the audience also. If this is of interest, please register below and share it with others on your team that may find this relevant. 

Watch on-demand webinar to learn how organizations are responding to industry trends as we discuss:

  • How to Store and Share Unstructured File Data with Simplicity, Speed and Savings;

  • How Nasuni & Microsoft is disrupting the file storage market with a cloud-based approach;

  • How Nasuni & Microsoft delivers a file storage platform that leverages object storage delivering a simpler, lower cost, and more efficient SaaS solution;

  • How Nasuni & Microsoft can protect against Ransomware and back up your data in one solution for no extra cost.

Watch On-Demand Webinar

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