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2024 Nasuni User Group Program

Connect with the Nasuni Network

Nasuni Customer User Groups are the prime opportunity to connect with Nasuni users, strengthen your hybrid file data management strategy, and gain access to Nasuni leadership 

What's In Store

Customer Spotlight Sessions
Roundtable Breakout Discussions
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 4.56.22 PM
Nasuni Technical Team Panels
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Product Demos
Executive Presentations
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Social, Networking Hours

Roadmap Line-of-Sight

Get an exclusive view into the Nasuni product roadmap for insight into our product development and how our future advancements will enhance the efficiency and operations of your organization. 

Talk to the Creators

Get technical with the team of Nasuni engineers behind the architecture and deployment of our product. Engage in 2-way discussions with our hybrid cloud experts about the ins and outs of the Nasuni product and how you can better harness its potential.  

Shape Tomorrow’s Product

Your feedback is invaluable to Nasuni, but we’d like it to be equally so for you. Share your organization’s present and future requirements and how Nasuni can help you fulfill these. Attend user groups and see your voice reflected in the development of our product  

Connect with Nasuni Leadership

Speak directly with Nasuni executives and gain insight into the direction of the industry. 

Share and Compare

In a room full of Nasuni users, you will have the rare opportunity to participate in conversations with like-minded industry experts. Learn best practices and the unique ways your peers deploy Nasuni through break-out discussions and customer spotlight sessions. 



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