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Greg Schultz


Mike Pacheco

Sr. Product Marketing Mgr.

Simon Ratcliffe

Chief Evangelist

Backup solutions play a critical role in data storage but it’s no secret that they come with their drawbacks.

In 2021, IT leaders are facing real challenges when it comes to backup solutions - inefficient operations, costly investments and far from straightforward capacity scaling among them. The solution to improving backups and removing these headaches is to eliminate the dependency on separate backup systems.

With cloud storage, enterprises can do this and access data protection and availability faster, better and cheaper than today’s hardware systems. In episode 2 of Nasuni’s ‘The Power of Cloud Storage’ series, we’re looking at how businesses can overcome these challenges and sharing the benefits of an all-in-one cloud storage solution.

Join us to hear:

  • How eliminating backups simplifies data storage and reduces costs while significantly improving the restore process
  • How cloud storage makes the processes of disaster recovery and data restore take mere minutes instead of hours or days
  • How cloud storage centrally stores and makes files instantly available at the click of a button to end-users
  • Why the solution to backup challenges is, ironically, is no backup at all - And more

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