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Find out why so many global brands are entrusting Nasuni with their file workloads.

See how Nasuni Cloud File Services enables you to:

  • Consolidate NAS and file servers
  • Achieve simple, cost-effective archiving - without moving data
  • Scale capacity and performance without limits
  • Maintain high-speed file access at the edge
  • Meet cloud-first objectives
  • Improve RPO & RTO
  • Synchronize files across locations with high performance
  • Manage a global file estate with one platform

You'll also see how you can save millions in capital and operational costs, eliminate redundant solutions, and get the most out of your unstructured file data.

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Did Someone Say "Save Millions"?

Cloud-based solutions are even more attractive when they show a clear ROI. Ours is crystal:


Why Nasuni?

File systems are the time-proven way to store, organize, protect, and share unstructured data. But traditional device-based file systems can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth of files. Nasuni UniFS® is the first global file system that scales files and metadata in cloud object storage.

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What is a Global File System?