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We've developed a file data services platform that fully leverages AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud object storage.

Free of device constraints, the Nasuni File Data Platform unlocks the infinite capacity, durability, and geo-redundancy of this "new disk," ushering in a new generation of file data services for the cloud.

See how the Nasuni File Data Platform enables you to:

  • Consolidate NAS and file servers
  • Scale capacity and performance without limits
  • Maintain high-speed file access at the edge
  • Accelerate file recoveries - and eliminate backup
  • Achieve simple, cost-effective archiving - without moving data
  • Meet cloud-first objectives while increasing security
  • Synchronize files across locations with high performance
  • Manage a global file estate with one platform
  • Recover file shares from a ransomware attack or random disaster within minutes at no extra cost

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