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Gartner Hype Cycle for Hybrid Infrastructure Services

When Visionary Becomes Strategic - Building Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Strategy


Gartner defines hybrid cloud storage as a broad category of solutions that are being used to modernize today’s infrastructure.

In this newsletter, featuring access to the Gartner Hype Cycle for Hybrid Infrastructure Services, we take a deeper look at two key uses of hybrid cloud storage: cloud backup and DR, and multi-site synchronization.

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  • How to evaluate vendors of hybrid cloud storage
  • How to quantify the business impact of hybrid cloud solutions
  • The benefits of deploying hybrid cloud storage

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is becoming a critical component in the modern IT stack. Traditional storage and backup technologies are no longer a viable solution in today's global environment. Get your copy of this newsletter and Gartner research and learn how to future proof your storage infrastructure!

These global brands are modernizing with cloud file services.

Why Nasuni?

File Systems are the time-proven way to store, organize, protect, and share unstructured file data. Unfortunately, traditional file systems can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth of content.

Nasuni UniFS® is the first global file system that lives in cloud object storage.

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