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Many organizations rely on effective file-based collaboration for core business processes. This worked well when employees sat in offices with fast links to local file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems. However, for many organizations today, the workforce now spans the globe.
Consider that before the pandemic, an estimated 5.7% of working Americans worked remotely at home. That percentage grew by nearly 18% in two years. This excludes the 28% of hybrid employees that split their working time between home and office as well as remote workers located around the world.
All this to say, is that today’s modern workforce spreads between office, home, mobile, and abroad. And when this dispersed workforce needs to work collaboratively on files using legacy systems, the result is frustration, lost time, lost money, and increased organizational risk. Given the competitive pressures any organization faces, implementing solutions that speed collaborative digital production brings multiple benefits.
This report provides guidance on the TOP 5 providers that organizations should consider to gain the benefits of leveraging file collaboration software or software-defined storage solutions.

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