Chris Mellow

Blocks & Files

Andres Rodriguez

Founder & CTO

Jim Liddle

VP of Product


Join this engaging three way conversation that discusses a technology approach to the remote-access-to-file-data problem in the context of a data explosion and hence need for low-cost cold data storage. Conversation to explain why an integrated technology approach is better and why. Discussion to specifically address:

How and why the NFS and CIFS file services protocols are inefficient when used for remote access by single users wanting to run applications such as VDI.

How a separate presentation access layer of software can be integrated with the file services layer to combat the remote access inefficiencies. What interface functions are needed to integrate or bridge the two layers and why?

How and why a cloud-based file services layer remedies the disadvantages of central data center-based file storage systems. For example, they no longer need file lifecycle management (HSM) / storage management functionality to tier data off to cheap longer-term storage in the public cloud -because that functionality can be integrated into a cloud-based file services system.

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