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The Second Decade of Cloud Computing



Andres-1Andres Rodriguez

Founder and CTO


JoelJoel Reich
Former EVP of Product Operations


IsaiahIsaiah Weiner
Principal Technologist


DaveDavid Grant
Chief Marketing Officer




The Cloud is not new, but the realization that the resilience and potential of the cloud to respond to global events is. But only if your IT infrastructure is already in the cloud. The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the IT landscape for good, will you shut down your data centers and move 100% to the cloud? Gartner says 8 out of 10 enterprises will by 2025.

How do they take advantage of the second decade of cloud that is more vibrant, available and flexible than ever before? There is still a lot of fear (the cloud is unsecure), uncertainty (how much will it cost), and doubt (I’ll be locked into one vendor) around moving to the cloud.

In this dynamic panel, that includes industry leaders from Nasuni, AWS and former NetApp leadership, you will gain a comprehensive insight into future IT strategies covering:
  • How to paint your vision of using the cloud to its fullest potential
  • The hidden financial aspects and building a solid business justification
  • How the cloud will look in 2025

These global brands are modernizing with cloud file services.

Why Nasuni?

File Systems are the time-proven way to store, organize, protect, and share unstructured file data. Unfortunately, traditional file systems can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth of content.

Nasuni UniFS® is the first global file system that lives in cloud object storage.

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