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Why Hybrid Cloud Storage is Winning in Multi-Site Environments


Two competing trends are helping Hybrid Cloud file storage emerge as a dominant architecture for IT: Globalization and Data Center Consolidation. How does IT manage to power users and applications at the edge in a competitive global environment while consolidating expensive data center resources?

Tune in to learn:

  • Why hybrid cloud solutions for applications and users are leading the way in file storage
  • How to leverage hybrid cloud storage to reduce data center footprint
  • How IT leaders are incorporating a cloud first strategy for file storage in 2019

Nasuni Speakers:

Tom Rose, Senior VP of Technical Solutions
Russ Kennedy, Chief Product Officer
John Capello, VP of Product Strategy
Anne Blanchard, Senior Director of Product Marketing

These global brands are modernizing with cloud file services.

Why Nasuni?

File Systems are the time-proven way to store, organize, protect, and share unstructured file data. Unfortunately, traditional file systems can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth of content.

Nasuni UniFS® is the first global file system that lives in cloud object storage.

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